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French Martingale Leash 1.5" "Mandala"

French Martingale Leash 1.5" "Mandala"

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These leahses are made out of 1.5" Super Heavy BETA Biothane.

This martingale leash is customizable in size and colour. 

Every item is handmade to your liking.

The leash is approx. 5 ft in length and also made out of Super Heavy Biothane (1/2").

To measure the size for a martingale leash you need to measure the circumference of "A" and "B" (the widest part of the head (A) and the narrowest part behind the ears (B). 


To find out what size of leash you need click here.

(Engraving width could vary depends on circumference)


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